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ime for, and playing chess regula●rly once a week for, and foll●owing you about all the time at th●e parties, and doing everything in the world I c▓

sped with ho


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ould for you for{324} I have never c▓ared for any one else, and I never● thought you could fail to understa●nd my devotion.” “Oh,” I repeate●d, “it is too awful! You know, your dear


siste▓r was my best friend, and I l▓iked you because of that, and I thou●ght that was what made you like me, and I lik●ed to be with you because you looked like he▓r and reminded me of h

: “Oh, ho

er; I have missed▓ her so ever since she died.But▓ now I see how blind and selfish I ha●ve been.” We had an awful walk hom●e and parted at the steps, and he never came ▓to see me again.

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As the days passed and h▓e did not come to see me, mademoisel▓le, who had become devoted to me and ▓watched my visitors with intense in▓terest, s

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aid to me: “Où ●est donc ce bon M.Blanc Il ne● vient plus! J’espère que vous ne l’avez p▓as renvoyé! Il était si bel homme, et si gen▓til! Je ne pense pas que vous a▓yez la cha

nce d’attirer un si bon▓ parti encore!” This experience was a▓ blow, and destroyed my confi●dence in and enjoyment of my frien▓ds; my eyes had been opened, and I was ●more careful in accepting men’s friendship as ●if they were girls.Nea

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rly all the me▓n in town fell victims to my ●beautiful friends, and when they ▓left to go to their{325} new home in V▓irginia things were very flat▓, and the men very gloomy.My d●iary is a


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t an end and I am very ▓hazy and uncertain about dat▓es.When we went this summer ●for the holidays up to my brother, ●at the log house in Plantersvi

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lle, we took ▓Mlle.le Prince with us, as she had nowh●ere to go, and I devoted a good● deal of my time to studying French with her●.We read “Les Travailleurs d▓e la Mer,” and I remember v

n this way

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ery distinctly her d▓isgust and disappointment; she would exclaim●: “Appeler cela un roman! O&u●grave; est donc l’amour” Never ●having had any love-affair of her own, s▓he was unwilling

●! I am s
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